Founded in 1930 under the name of E.H.Staub, the group became really known to the public through the acquisition of the Gradiente brand in 1970.

Since then, it has become a reference in the electronics market and a pioneer in launching products with new technologies. Examples of this are the countless novelties that Gradiente presented in the line of audio, video, mobile telephony and video game
Founded in 1930 under the name of E.H.Staub.


Acquisition of Gradiente with the foundation of IGB S.A.


Implementation of the first factory in the Manaus Free Zone, Amazonia.


The company opens its capital
1975 - Foundation of Gradiente Mexicana S.A.

Current areas of expertise

  • Brand licensing

    Partnership agreement and royalties for license to use the brand, for its use on products, packaging, media and any pieces and advertising forms.

  • Warehouse management and rental

    We have been operating with industrial warehouses rentals since 2011. From 2016 we also started the administration of these properties. Since then, there has been a high investment for improvements in facilities, production and services provided.

  • Entry into the promising Solar Energy market

    Solar energy in Brazil has been growing by leaps and bounds. There are several economic and environmental benefits that are helping to drive the growth of this renewable energy source.

Remember our successful products

Feel a real thrill of nostalgia with our TV commercials and products that were and still are success in Brazil.